Montessori is one of the best education methods for kids in the world. Nowadays, this method distribute in every continents with over thousands of school in America, Canada, England, France, Australia, Nertherland….The result which this mehod bring is recorded as well as it is proven through many generation. Montessori proved that it is good for all groups of children including retarded children, handicapped children, normally growing children or extrordinary children in the world. After approaching the program, the children have logical thinking ability, creation, independence, good communication, confidence, high concentration; moreover, the children not only know to share feeling but also have community.

In over past 100 years, Montessori achieved many successes. The most famous celerities in the world used to learn, send children to Montessori school or support this method fervently such as 2 co-founder of Google- Larry Page and Sergey Brin, couple of ex-US president- Bill Clinton, novelist- Garbriel Garcia Marquez, English prince- William and Harry, Renilde Montessori, President of AMI, singer Taylor Swiff, musicians, music actors….

With a world-standard education environment of Montessori, MON (International Montessori School) has the clear developing orientation under standard Montessori. The school has international and national experts who have degrees recognized over the world. Mon school fully equipped Montessori teaching aids for each classrooms with convinent facilities and professional work style.

Mon School wish more and more Vietnam children are approached with Montessori; therefore, the school always want to cooperate with ethusiastic teachers and staffs who have profesional qualification and thoroughness with children in order to bulid a great study environment, create development oportunities for kids. Now the school want to teachers and staffs to serve for teaching with standards as follow:

Preschool Teachers: 10 people

  • Graduate on universities/colleges/vocational school of Kindergarten Pedagory.
  • Have good-looking appearance, swiftness, willing to learn, responsibility for work.
  • Have standard pronounciation.
  • Priority for applicants who have experiences in English centers and foreign companies

Office staffs: 2 people

  • Graduate on universities/colleges with English major
  • Good level of English, especially in Speaking/Reading/Writing to commnicate with foreign teacher and parents.
  • Have good-looking appearance, swiftness, willing to learn, responsibility for work.
  • Have standard pronounciation.
  • Priority for applicants who have experiemces in English centers and foreign companies


  • Work from Monday to Friday (Time: 7h30-17h00)
  • Have lunch at school
  • Support for teachers in distance
  • Rest 1 week of summer vacation in each semester but enjoy full salary, 12 sabbatical day and Tet holiday as in Labour Law.
  • The probation period in one month
  • Have attractive benefits and remuneration
  • Have overtime working.
  • Social insurance is paid after working one years
  • Send children to school in free after working one years
  • Salary is agreed on capacity
  • Receive training Montessori from national and foreign experts who have international degrees
  • Rreceive training foreign language (English) from national and foreign experts who have international degreesn.


    • 1. Vietnamese CV (handwritten)
    • 2. Resume sealed by location
    • 3. Copy Identity card and household registration (notarized)
    • 4. Health cerification (the limitation of recent 6 months)
    • 5. Copy related degrees and certifications (notarized)
    • 6. 2 photos sized 4×6 (about recent 6 months)
    • 7. Time receive applications: from November 1st, 2015 to November 30th,2015

Note: Job applications will not be returned in any situations.


  • Apply in :  Administration and Personnel Division of International Montessori School (MON)
  • Address: 1st floor, Building 17T8- Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh urban area, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.
  • Tel: 09 0550 2589
  • Email: huongnt@monschool.vn