About Monschool – International Montessori

The idea

Aspiring to bring to young Vietnamese children the advantages of Montessori method – a children educational method which has been introduced and developed for over 100 years and disseminated worldwide, our team of internationally certified Montessori teachers dedicated to education are determined to create a standard Montessori educational environment in Vietnam and gives these valuable benefits to generations of young children.

Objectives – Educational philosophy – Core values

Early childhood education is especially significant in talent development and is a breakthrough in the science of pedagogy. Science has now established that early childhood education enhances brain development, stimulating a more complete set of brain functions. As children at this age have astounding learning and adapting abilities, a generous feeding of information and experience to them will generate more brain’s nerve connections. Brains that are train in the right method will become more advanced and develop to its fullest potential. Overlooking this stage, we will no longer have the opportunity to activate the maximum power of the brain.

As we all know, all children are born equal but it is the upbringing and education that set them apart. As there always are strengths and intellectual potential in every child, if these traits are not timely acknowledged and developed in the right manner, at the right time, they will not cease to exist but will not present themselves in the children’s life later on. Furthermore, preschool is the age group in which human brains collect events and absorb knowledge the fastest in our life.

Therefore, the act of discovering, inspiring and developing a child’s strengths is among our foremost goals

To materialise this goal, we choose the Montessori educational method that integrates with our research, experience and findings gathered over the past many years in Vietnam. We are creating an inspiring educational environment to bring out the best of every child.

Under this method, children will accomplish these following attributes:

  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • A love of learning
  • High level of focus
  • Neatness and tidiness
  • High level of self-disciplin
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-confidence, ability to articulate and express themselves
  • Basic knowledge in multiple fields: Math, Language, Practical life, Senses, Geography, Science, History, Arts, Music
  • Bilingual curriculum: English and Vietnamese
  • Care, attention and sharing with others
  • Strong work ethics, love of nature and their environment
  • Optimised physical and emotional development

Quality standards

  • Assurance of education quality in all aspects to every child
  • Assurance of best physical and emotional attention to every child
  • Schools within our system must all adhere closely to the Quality Assurance Procedure
  • All academic performance and development progress of children are recorded and well maintained in the Student Files and regularly reported to their parents
  • All comments and queries from the students’ parents are received and addressed promptly

Criteria of staff:

  • Willingness to learn and shared passion and dedication to early childhood education.
  • Determination to create a civilised working environment for themselves and an exciting learning environment for the students

Our uniqueness

  • Full-day Montessori curriculum.
  • Detailed assessments.
  • Modern facilities.
  • Growth and progress guaranteed on each student.
  • Nutrition and good care to ensure good health
  • “Montessori experience” program available to non-MON students who would like to learn about Montessori method

We continuously collaborate with children and their parents in shaping educational direction for each child to achieve optimal outcomes through schemes such as pre-enrollment counseling, guidance to practise Montessori method at home for the parents, foundation classes on early childhood education method for the parents…

In addition, to ensure a consistently excellent environment for the children, the School also sets up a Parents’ Association to gather feedback on the quality issues of services, meals and childcare

Our vision

Built on our values and superiority, International Montessori Preschool aims to become a group of affordable Montessori pre-schools of international standards that are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, we will focus on collaboration with the world’s leading institutions in Montessori education and prominent experts in health – psychology – nutrition counseling to enhance our capability and professionalism as well as to ensure the best education environment for our students.


Our teachers and experts

Our teachers are trained in the field of pedagogy and are all Montessori’s internationally certified. Our team are passionate and dedicated to our work and are true believers of our distinctive educational method.

Our teachers are not only well trained in their technical knowledge but also have access to the world’s state-of-the-art teaching methods through the use of information technology in our teaching activities.

We partner with experts who are Professors and Doctors of Philosophy from leading research institutes and organisations in psychology, education, health and nutrition in Vietnam and abroad.

Our management team holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Early Childhood Education & Management, international Montessori teacher training certificates, and are experienced educators at international and public pre-schools.