Open letter


Dear Parents,

Aspiring to found a preschool centred around early education with Montessori method as our compass, I have been through a long journey of learning and research to build up the knowledge and experience in this field. Choosing to go into a new field at an age where most people are expected to settle in their career, the most precious tools I have are my experience and instincts of a mother.

Being in my thirties, I possess working experience in various fields: journalism, communications, human resources – all of which are inherently dynamic, exciting and require constant learning of new knowledge and substantial experience. In addition to the training at university, I also learned and equipped myself with other skills to be better in my jobs, namely PR, CEO, EQ Leadership, MTP under the guidance of experts from Singapore, the United States, Japan …

At every stage of my life, in every role I held, I always set an ideal for myself to aspire to. And now, once those ideals of mine have been realised, I move on to the next one. Dedicated to the cause of bringing more opportunities for Vietnamese children to access the fruits of early education, I would like to use of my own knowledge and experience to help more and more parents to become aware of the importance of early education (from 0 to 6 years of age).

This cause has been harboured since I became a mother and it started out from my own wish to give my child a new educational approach, which would start very early. Whilst working in previous jobs, I continuously studied, learned, and applied early education to my own child. We had shared the experience, the playing and learning, and together overcame difficulties that were thought to be insurmountable back then.

Wanting to give my child the foundation of an early education, when my first child was only one year old, I had spent lots of time researching the schools that were thought to be the best in Hanoi, hoping to be able to choose a place that suited my child. Back then, in Hanoi there were only two types of schools, public schools and international ones. I signed up for an international school so that my kid would have exposure to a second language as early as possible, as well as learn to build confidence… A while after that, I came across books that tell stories of successful mothers who gave their children an “early education”. They were dedicated and gave their best to find materials on this, they were alongside their children to help them develop… and their children later on had accomplished admirable success.

These people appealed a lot to me. I did not wish my child to be a genius, I just did not want to miss the “golden period” (06 years of age) of my child’s development, and hope that they possess knowledge to help them research, discover, and learn from their living environment in a proactive and positive manner which I did not have before.

During the research and learnings of educational approaches for my child, luckily I was introduced to and learned of Montessori method – a method that I believe would enable children to develop in the most well-rounded and natural way. I was very excited, to the point that I hand-made the teaching tools myself so that I could learn with my child, and made detailed plans for each day and each phase. Not only did I apply these exercises to my children but also their friends, my nieces and nephews and other mothers of young kids. To my surprise, the kids loved it, their parents loved it. This made me feel what I did was meaningful and that I had “lost” myself in the teaching of young children.

From these small successes, plus being aware of certain benefits of early education, I realise it is so beneficial that if more people apply this method, more children would be better off. Thus I set out to study the Montessori method in a more scientific approach to help realise my goal in a most professional way. As of now, I have earned internationally recognised certificates in Montessori training from the largest Montessori organisations in the world: Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), American Montessori Society (AMS), Montessori Institute of America (MIA). The “assets” of my career are batches of pupils who went to elementary school without any hesitation or fear, since they are confident, avid to learn, pro-active in all activities, self-disciplined, responsible, compassionate, and well-equipped with understanding of real world. My companions in this journey of sharing knowledge with families with young kids are the friends who are experts in preschool education in Vietnam and abroad who share my dedication and my goal of developing an ideal preschool environment truly devoted to our children. And the companions that matter most are you, the parents who have faith in us and are receptive to our method.

And for that, I am very thankful to you all!

Nguyen Thuy Huong

Director of International Montessori Preschool