Free-of-charge Montessori Day

Free-of-charge Montessori Day

In order to meet the needs of many children and their parents, the International Montessori School (MON) decided to hold a Free-of-charge “Montessori Day” every Saturday for kids who want to experience the Montessori method.

On this “Montessori day”, kids will have an opportunity to experience the real Montessori environment. There will be: well-equipped Montessori classrooms of international standard; healthy, neat, clean and beautiful environment; perfect and safe facilities; play area with integrated playground, sand playground, synthetic greensward; tasty and healthy meals…Especially, kids will be guided by enthusiastic and experienced teachers.

The Montessori Day is a full-day event. The drop-off time is 7:30- 8:00 AM and pick-up time is from 4:30 – 5:00 PM. Each child can sign up for one Montessori day.

Due to high volume of registrations, parents are advised to sign up in advance at our Office or on our hotline number 09 0550 2589 for our logistics arrangement.

(Note: Parents only have to pay 50,000 VND to cover the cost of 03 meals for your kids)
For more information on “Montessori day”, please visit our Office or call us on our hotline at 09 0550 2589