Assessment Scheme section


Assessment Scheme section

At Montessori International Pre-school, students are closely observed for all aspects of development and assessed daily. Any issues will be noted and addressed in a timely fashion (with involvement of both the school and the family).

At the end of each semester, teachers and specialists will conduct testing and assessment to evaluate abilities, aptitude and progress of each child. Assessment results will be reported to the parents in the semester-end’s meeting and saved in the student’s personal files (The student’s personal files will be returned to the parents upon graduation from the kindergarten level at the school).

The School’s Assessment Scheme comprises:

+ Assessment of Montessori curriculumn (by American standards)

+ Assessmnt of the Vietnamese curriculum (by the standards of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training)

+ Assessment of special subjects such as English, Music – Arts, Fine Arts…

Notes: All assessments are done against the curriculumn’s prescribed criteria.